Happy New Year!

2017 was full year for me, and hope that was the same for you!

Looking back to 2017, my year was full of joy. I am so happy and thankful that I am still able to enjoy what I do. Here is some to share!

It was featured at Dance on Camera 45 at Lincoln Center, NYC.
This is a film Tomoko Mikanagi directed. She directed, filmed and edited. I have been working
with her since my first solo concert " 共鳴ーRESONANCE" in 2014, and this is our first
collaboration work. David Rosenmann-Taub's beautiful music was commissioned by Harold
Lindenthal of CORDA foundation. broken memory was also featured in NY Japan Cinefest
2017 in June, NYC and in September, Japan and Outlet Dance Project's Dance on Film Fest in October and 15th Annual 5X5 Dance Festival in CT in November.
I also danced broken memory live! At BAM Fischer with Roberto Villanueva's BalaSole Dance Company
in June and Young Soon Kim's 2017 Wave Rising Series at 92nd Y in July. It is so
nice to experience this with Film and Dance both!

MY Project!
My solo concert series is moving forward . RESONANCE II, in April it opened at LaGuardia
Performing Arts Center. I am so thankful to Steve Hitt, Director of LPAC,
to believe in me for this project and help produce this concert and gave us a chance to
raise fund for Dancing for JAPAN 2017

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