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Happy New Year: Part 2


I danced Martha's Lamentation (1930), Merce Cunningham's Scramble ( excerpt, 1967), Lar Lubovitch's North Star, 3rd Movement(1978), Shirabyoshi ( new work that I collaborated with Tanroh Ishida) and Charlotte Griffin's new work 13 Illustration: Out of Order accompanied by Senri Oe.
13 Illustration: Out of Order(TL), North Star(TR), Shirabyoshi(BL), Lamentation(BR) Photo by Antonia K. Milanda

In each work, I have so much to say but not here!!! If you are interested in, email me! miki3lotus ( at ) gmail.com
and please visit these two trailers!!!
Resonance II : Trailer 1
Resonance II : Trailer 2

My first one, RESONANCE traveled one more time, this time Wake Forest, North Carolina.
This was their first professional modern dance concert held at the Renaissance Center.
Also I was invited to dance at the inaugural performance of 2017 Wake Forest Dance Festival at E. Carroll Joyner Park and I congratulate my friend Masha Maddux to make her dream come true!!! It was not just a dance performance but bring all community together, and they participated and observe local and professional dancers perform and it was filled with so many people !

Play Reading
In February, I had a pleasure working with Jean Colonomos who danced with Martha Graham Dance Company in 1960's. She wrote a play The THird From the Left, based on her experience dancing Martha's Primitive Mysteries. This work is my first Martha's ballet that I danced in 1985 when I was in Graham Ensemble. A reading of this play at Westbeth, I played a Japanese dancer in this play( of course!). That was fun! I love theatre and I got to tasted it!!!

One of HIGHLIGHT of 2017 was Mexico trip. Jazz Pianist, Senri Oe and I performed at Asociación México Japonesa's Charity Concert. This year makes special year with Japanese immigration to Mexico's 120 year anniversary, and AMJ's 60 year anniversary, and All Nippon Airway ( ANA )'s celbration of starting direct service from Mexico City to Tokyo. ANA organized this cocnert with AMJ and it was huge success. I made Vals Poetico for this occasion, based on Japanese Mexican's farming experience.
During our stay in Mexico City, we visited Teotihuacan and National Museum of Anthropology. It was amazing to see the culture of Mexico and get to know about Mexico. Pyramid is simply amazing.
on top of Pyramid at Teotihuacan

92nd Y
92nd Y has a series called Fridays at Noon. In May they presented Historic and significant Solos by Women ( 1929-1970 ) and I danced Martha's Lamentation ( 1930), and at 100 year anniversary for Jean Erdman , I had a pleasure dancing her Passage (1946)(30:30- and showed Nancy Allison's film Hamadryad in which I danced in it. Jean is 101 years old and living in Honolulu, Hawaii!!
I danced broken memory live with Young Soon Kim's 2017 Wave Rising Series in July at 92nd Y too.
One more Lamentation and excerpt from Martha's Herodiade (1944) at Fridays at Noon in December. I was so happy to be a part of Expanding Universe: Ruth Page/Isamu Noguchi and Martha Graham/ Isamu Noguchi. I learn a lot about Isamu's art work and his philosophy. Dakin Hart from Noguchi Museum adn Dr. Joellen A. Meglin beautifully put this this program together with Jennifer Conley dancing Page and Graham's works. They mentioned we might do it again in April at Noguchi Museum so I am hoping i can be a part of it again!

United Nations
Japan Mission to UnitedNations is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and started the even called " PEACE IS ...". I am still thrilled, excited and honored that I had a chance to present what I love - DANCE for it's inaugural event to people and my theme was " PEACE IS ... Harmony". Tomoko again made a beautiful short film to captured what I did. Please visit this site to see it. PEACE IS ... Harmony by Miki Orihara.
This is my team for PEACE IS ... Harmony.
Ralph Samuelson ( Shakuhachi)
Lauren Newman, Lloyd Knight, Nya Bowman and dancers from Graham II and School.

In The BOX 2
Photo by Tokio Kuniyoshi

In the BOX is a multimedia work that I started to involved and this year, we performed the second production at La MaMa Club, NYC. This time, I asked dancer friends to perform with me since Nana was having a baby. (He is so cute and hansome!!!). The Hartt Dance student, two graduates, Lauren Newman and Lloyd Knight joined me too. Directed by theatrical visual-effects specialist Hiroyuki Nishiyama( a.k.a. nissy), used cutting egde projections and animations from Japan. Performed with live music by Senri Oe. This time, In The BOX 2, I said to myself that it is ok to use what I learn from Martha's work, I tried not to use her medium but somehow I got over it! I don't know how it looked but I had a good time dancing it.

Trip to Japan
I can not close this post without talking about my Summer. It was rather cold Summer for Tokyo, but I didn't mind. I actually enjoyed it!

Seminar on modern/contemporary dance:
I was on the panel talked about Martha. Miyako Kato was the other panel who talked about Trisha Brown. I was glad to see so many people were interested to know/learn about it. Curated by Kei Yasuda of Dance Cafe.

Nagoya Workshop:
At Fusako Matsubara and Noriko Mizutani's M-deux Ballet Studio, and I taught 3 day workshop. Mutsuki made a short film called Dancer's Language, you can see how I teach. Karin Fukumi accompanied my class.

Konami Ishii and Seiko Takada:
I had a greatest time leaning two of Japan's modern dance pioneers' work this Summer. Seiko Takada was one of my dance teacher and Konami Ishii was my my mentor Yuriko's teacher. ( Yuriko is 97 years old, living in NYC) This is to prepare RESONANCE III, works of two modern dance pioneers from US and two from Japan, all from 1930's, and I will dance Yuriko's work CRY (1968). Leaning these works from Noriko Sato and my dance teacher Nanako Yamada was exciting and it was hard too. I do not want to give out any because I am planning to show it in 2018. Please look for my concert. Date is not set yet but it is coming soon.

Japan Modern Dance Association's Summer College:
This year's theme was Martha Graham. They invited Yuriko Kimura and Keiko Takeya both of them danced in MGDC. Yuriko was still dancing when I join the company and it was so nice to meet her again. Both of them talked about their relationship to Graham and her works. The last day, we had a panel discussion. I joined them on this panel.
Hakudai Yamano, Miki, Yuriko Kimura, Keiko Takeya and Shinji Nakamura ( L to R)

In 2014, I curated Dancing for JAPAN 2014 and this year, when I performed at La Guardia Performing Arts Center, the director Steven Hitt donated one day of theatre for us, so I curated Dancing for JAPAN 2017!
I had great group of dancer/dance company and Senri Oe participated, silent auction and reception. I am so happy that we donated $2000 to Katariba for focused on their activities toward art education to those who were affected by earthquake/Tsunami from 2011 and all other natural disasters. I thank all of performers, helpers,Theater technicians/LPAC Staff/donors and all who came to the benefit! This was not possible without your love!!!

and now I am excited about 2018.

I will be performing on March 4 at Masayo Ishigure's 25th Anniversary concert @ Sheen Center. I asked Stephen to choreographed on her music. Stay Tuned!!!

This Spring semester, I am setting Martha's Appalachian Spring on The Hartt Dance. This will be performed Live by Music Department. I am starting to teach in few weeks!
April 27-29, at Millard Auditorium
This concert will be a full dance concert with Appalachian Spring along side with 3 new works by Brian Arias, Claudia Schreier and Erica Nelson, and a work by Vivid Ballet's Betsy McMillan.
I can't wait! Let me know if you want to come!!!
email me!!!

Noriko Sato, Konami Ishii heir, is celebrating her 70th anniversary for her dance life. I will be joining her to celebrate it in May. Date and detail is coming soon!

Few more performance opportunities in 2018 so STAY TUNED!!!
and lastly

HAPPY 2018!!!

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