The day before wedding.

Luke is getting married!
SP's nephew Luke is getting Married. He found this beautiful woman Evy,

The day before the wedding, there was a rehearsal dinner. We were late to appear to the party...
so we missed the actual rehearsal but in this rehearsal, they are going thru :
who go first, where you go, what is the order... etc.
We got there just in time for this PARTY!
after the rehearsal, of course there is plenty of food!!!
We got there just in time for this PARTY!
Luke's father Gordon made a great BBQ!!! I wish I have a picture of his BBQ machine - pit?
He is SERIOUS!!! This was a semi pot-luck dinner. I wish i could show off with my Japanese but.. I like BBQ!!!
Kelsey planned and decorated her back yard( I don't call that back yard, it is a field!! )
There was trampoline, child games and more...
Evy gave a box to Gordon, for ceremony, Gordon will ware special thing!
Luke gave a box to Caleb, his brother who is one of his Groomsman
You can see, his tie, suspender and more in the box!
Evy gave Kelsey, her Bride's maid gift.
I can't wait to see their Bride's maid dress and Evy's wedding dress!!!
Family and friends gathering from far... it is so nice.
Tomorrow is the day!

by miki3lotus | 2018-06-04 06:18 | Family
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