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Premium Japan

2017年10月、このサイトの中の「海外で活躍する日本人」というコラムにて、前編、後編でインタビュー記事を載せていただきました。 全部日本語です。

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Happy New Year: Part 2


I danced Martha's Lamentation (1930), Merce Cunningham's Scramble ( excerpt, 1967), Lar Lubovitch's North Star, 3rd Movement(1978), Shirabyoshi ( new work that I collaborated with Tanroh Ishida) and Charlotte Griffin's new work 13 Illustration: Out of Order accompanied by Senri Oe.
13 Illustration: Out of Order(TL), North Star(TR), Shirabyoshi(BL), Lamentation(BR) Photo by Antonia K. Milanda

In each work, I have so much to say but not here!!! If you are interested in, email me! miki3lotus ( at ) gmail.com
and please visit these two trailers!!!
Resonance II : Trailer 1
Resonance II : Trailer 2

My first one, RESONANCE traveled one more time, this time Wake Forest, North Carolina.
This was their first professional modern dance concert held at the Renaissance Center.
Also I was invited to dance at the inaugural performance of 2017 Wake Forest Dance Festival at E. Carroll Joyner Park and I congratulate my friend Masha Maddux to make her dream come true!!! It was not just a dance performance but bring all community together, and they participated and observe local and professional dancers perform and it was filled with so many people !

Play Reading
In February, I had a pleasure working with Jean Colonomos who danced with Martha Graham Dance Company in 1960's. She wrote a play The THird From the Left, based on her experience dancing Martha's Primitive Mysteries. This work is my first Martha's ballet that I danced in 1985 when I was in Graham Ensemble. A reading of this play at Westbeth, I played a Japanese dancer in this play( of course!). That was fun! I love theatre and I got to tasted it!!!

One of HIGHLIGHT of 2017 was Mexico trip. Jazz Pianist, Senri Oe and I performed at Asociación México Japonesa's Charity Concert. This year makes special year with Japanese immigration to Mexico's 120 year anniversary, and AMJ's 60 year anniversary, and All Nippon Airway ( ANA )'s celbration of starting direct service from Mexico City to Tokyo. ANA organized this cocnert with AMJ and it was huge success. I made Vals Poetico for this occasion, based on Japanese Mexican's farming experience.
During our stay in Mexico City, we visited Teotihuacan and National Museum of Anthropology. It was amazing to see the culture of Mexico and get to know about Mexico. Pyramid is simply amazing.
on top of Pyramid at Teotihuacan

92nd Y
92nd Y has a series called Fridays at Noon. In May they presented Historic and significant Solos by Women ( 1929-1970 ) and I danced Martha's Lamentation ( 1930), and at 100 year anniversary for Jean Erdman , I had a pleasure dancing her Passage (1946)(30:30- and showed Nancy Allison's film Hamadryad in which I danced in it. Jean is 101 years old and living in Honolulu, Hawaii!!
I danced broken memory live with Young Soon Kim's 2017 Wave Rising Series in July at 92nd Y too.
One more Lamentation and excerpt from Martha's Herodiade (1944) at Fridays at Noon in December. I was so happy to be a part of Expanding Universe: Ruth Page/Isamu Noguchi and Martha Graham/ Isamu Noguchi. I learn a lot about Isamu's art work and his philosophy. Dakin Hart from Noguchi Museum adn Dr. Joellen A. Meglin beautifully put this this program together with Jennifer Conley dancing Page and Graham's works. They mentioned we might do it again in April at Noguchi Museum so I am hoping i can be a part of it again!

United Nations
Japan Mission to UnitedNations is celebrating their 60th anniversary this year and started the even called " PEACE IS ...". I am still thrilled, excited and honored that I had a chance to present what I love - DANCE for it's inaugural event to people and my theme was " PEACE IS ... Harmony". Tomoko again made a beautiful short film to captured what I did. Please visit this site to see it. PEACE IS ... Harmony by Miki Orihara.
This is my team for PEACE IS ... Harmony.
Ralph Samuelson ( Shakuhachi)
Lauren Newman, Lloyd Knight, Nya Bowman and dancers from Graham II and School.

In The BOX 2
Photo by Tokio Kuniyoshi

In the BOX is a multimedia work that I started to involved and this year, we performed the second production at La MaMa Club, NYC. This time, I asked dancer friends to perform with me since Nana was having a baby. (He is so cute and hansome!!!). The Hartt Dance student, two graduates, Lauren Newman and Lloyd Knight joined me too. Directed by theatrical visual-effects specialist Hiroyuki Nishiyama( a.k.a. nissy), used cutting egde projections and animations from Japan. Performed with live music by Senri Oe. This time, In The BOX 2, I said to myself that it is ok to use what I learn from Martha's work, I tried not to use her medium but somehow I got over it! I don't know how it looked but I had a good time dancing it.

Trip to Japan
I can not close this post without talking about my Summer. It was rather cold Summer for Tokyo, but I didn't mind. I actually enjoyed it!

Seminar on modern/contemporary dance:
I was on the panel talked about Martha. Miyako Kato was the other panel who talked about Trisha Brown. I was glad to see so many people were interested to know/learn about it. Curated by Kei Yasuda of Dance Cafe.

Nagoya Workshop:
At Fusako Matsubara and Noriko Mizutani's M-deux Ballet Studio, and I taught 3 day workshop. Mutsuki made a short film called Dancer's Language, you can see how I teach. Karin Fukumi accompanied my class.

Konami Ishii and Seiko Takada:
I had a greatest time leaning two of Japan's modern dance pioneers' work this Summer. Seiko Takada was one of my dance teacher and Konami Ishii was my my mentor Yuriko's teacher. ( Yuriko is 97 years old, living in NYC) This is to prepare RESONANCE III, works of two modern dance pioneers from US and two from Japan, all from 1930's, and I will dance Yuriko's work CRY (1968). Leaning these works from Noriko Sato and my dance teacher Nanako Yamada was exciting and it was hard too. I do not want to give out any because I am planning to show it in 2018. Please look for my concert. Date is not set yet but it is coming soon.

Japan Modern Dance Association's Summer College:
This year's theme was Martha Graham. They invited Yuriko Kimura and Keiko Takeya both of them danced in MGDC. Yuriko was still dancing when I join the company and it was so nice to meet her again. Both of them talked about their relationship to Graham and her works. The last day, we had a panel discussion. I joined them on this panel.
Hakudai Yamano, Miki, Yuriko Kimura, Keiko Takeya and Shinji Nakamura ( L to R)

In 2014, I curated Dancing for JAPAN 2014 and this year, when I performed at La Guardia Performing Arts Center, the director Steven Hitt donated one day of theatre for us, so I curated Dancing for JAPAN 2017!
I had great group of dancer/dance company and Senri Oe participated, silent auction and reception. I am so happy that we donated $2000 to Katariba for focused on their activities toward art education to those who were affected by earthquake/Tsunami from 2011 and all other natural disasters. I thank all of performers, helpers,Theater technicians/LPAC Staff/donors and all who came to the benefit! This was not possible without your love!!!

and now I am excited about 2018.

I will be performing on March 4 at Masayo Ishigure's 25th Anniversary concert @ Sheen Center. I asked Stephen to choreographed on her music. Stay Tuned!!!

This Spring semester, I am setting Martha's Appalachian Spring on The Hartt Dance. This will be performed Live by Music Department. I am starting to teach in few weeks!
April 27-29, at Millard Auditorium
This concert will be a full dance concert with Appalachian Spring along side with 3 new works by Brian Arias, Claudia Schreier and Erica Nelson, and a work by Vivid Ballet's Betsy McMillan.
I can't wait! Let me know if you want to come!!!
email me!!!

Noriko Sato, Konami Ishii heir, is celebrating her 70th anniversary for her dance life. I will be joining her to celebrate it in May. Date and detail is coming soon!

Few more performance opportunities in 2018 so STAY TUNED!!!
and lastly

HAPPY 2018!!!

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Happy New Year!

2017 was full year for me, and hope that was the same for you!

Looking back to 2017, my year was full of joy. I am so happy and thankful that I am still able to enjoy what I do. Here is some to share!

It was featured at Dance on Camera 45 at Lincoln Center, NYC.
This is a film Tomoko Mikanagi directed. She directed, filmed and edited. I have been working
with her since my first solo concert " 共鳴ーRESONANCE" in 2014, and this is our first
collaboration work. David Rosenmann-Taub's beautiful music was commissioned by Harold
Lindenthal of CORDA foundation. broken memory was also featured in NY Japan Cinefest
2017 in June, NYC and in September, Japan and Outlet Dance Project's Dance on Film Fest in October and 15th Annual 5X5 Dance Festival in CT in November.
I also danced broken memory live! At BAM Fischer with Roberto Villanueva's BalaSole Dance Company
in June and Young Soon Kim's 2017 Wave Rising Series at 92nd Y in July. It is so
nice to experience this with Film and Dance both!

MY Project!
My solo concert series is moving forward . RESONANCE II, in April it opened at LaGuardia
Performing Arts Center. I am so thankful to Steve Hitt, Director of LPAC,
to believe in me for this project and help produce this concert and gave us a chance to
raise fund for Dancing for JAPAN 2017

continue to part 2

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It's been another long time since the last time I posted here. I made homepage using wix.com and it is still work in progress... it is not easy but step by step i am getting better.

これは千里さんのリハーサル風景・this is Senri's Rehearsal photo

最後の投稿の後、12月2日にニューヨークのアップステートにあるKaatsbaan International Dance Centerにての公演がありました。「共鳴ーResonance」とピアニストの大江千里さんの「Answer July」というジャズのデュオとのダブルパフォーマンスでした。

After the last post, i had a performance at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center with Senri Oe. Senri also played music from his newest album "Answer July" with Bassist Jim Robertson.

「共鳴ーResonance」においても大江さんには作品と作品の間にReflectionと題して即興を3つ、そして最後の作品"Memory Current"では大江さんのピアノに乗って踊ります。

Senri plays reflections( improve) in my solo concert and plays his original composition for Adam Barruch's "Memory Current".


年末のバレエといえば「くるみ割り人形」。SPはThe Hartt School Community Divisionの「くるみ」にドロッセルマイヤーとして出演。今回は2度目かな?これまたなかなかでした。舞台上に手するマジックも毎日練習して望んでいました。可愛い子供達がたくさん出るくるみ、私は一度も出演したことはありません。バレエの世界では普通のことでしょうけれど、モダンダンスではこれはないですから・・・
End of the year for Ballet is "Nutcracker". SP danced Dr. Drosselmeyer. He has to do Magic on stage so practice everyday at home... and performance was such a fun!!!



My reunion with a childhood Friend. Actually he is like my older brother, he worked at my father's place and I always admired him and love meeting him. The last time we met was... don't remember but long time ago and i lost in touch but this December, I met his co-worker! so lucky to meet him again! I am so happy!!!


12月半ばに国連にて、日本の伝統の土壁を作るというイベントがあり行って来ました。その時に余った土壁用の粘土(?)をもらって来ました。SPはDIY 大好き人間なので、アパートの壁にこれをやると行って頑張りましたが、どうもうまくいかずに、今もって色々考えています。
At UN, there was an event of Naoki KusumiJapanese Traditional Plaster. I got some plaster for our apt. SP loves DIY so we tried on our apt wall. It didn't quite work so we are still thinking about HOW to do it....


We visited SP's mom and that was a great visit!


Times Sq. Everybody wants to see this building for New Year!

TImes Sq. after the New Year BIG party

Sorry Mamiko for your eyes.. but I loved your singing!!!

そしてそのあとは大江千里さんのカウントダウンに。年末にニューヨークにいるのは何年振りか、覚えておりませんが、タイムズスクエアーがすごいことになっていて、千里さんのカウントダウンの富ジャズに行くのに、歩いて行こうと。普段だと30分はかからないのに、タイムズスクエアは横切れない!大昔、ニューヨークに来た頃にはじめてタイムズスクエアにてのカウントダウンに行った時に死ぬかと思ったほど、キスの嵐とハグ。これはない!!!  と今回はそれを避けねばならず、セントラルパークまで上がって、中に入りようやく横切ることができて、そして到着したら始まる2分前・・・
フゥ〜〜       千里さんのカウントダウン、SPとエンジョイいたしました!
SP and I went to Senri's Count Down at Tomi Jazz for the first time! I usually go to Japan but this year, I stayed in NY, and it was crazy... Times Sq is crazy. I went there when I came to NY long time ago, and it was too crazy with Kisses and Hugs... i do not want to experience that again. but we have to cross town to get to Tomi Jazz. Usually it take about 20-25 mins, max 30 mins to walk but we could NOT cross town so we went up to Central Park, go inside, cross to 5th Ave, then walk down to 53rd Street. IT TOOK 1 HOUR!!! so we got there 2 mins before the show..... but we made it and we enjoyed it very much. Senri is such an entertainer!!!

そして2017年。Then it's 2017

this year started with good friends and good food and good movie!!!

God Father & Goad Father 2を見る会でした。食事は全部イタリアンにして、プランを立てて。

Our best friend couple moved from our area to upper east side. new apartment is gorgeous. so for the new year, we gather! our theme was "God Father". we watched 1 and 2!!! with italian theme lunch/dinner.


お昼前に行き、まずはアペタイザーはイタリアンアンティパスタ。サラミ、プロシュート、オリーブ、チーズ、野菜のグリルやら、そしてワイン。God Fatherを見始める! そしてインターミッションはSPの作ったEgg Plant Paemegiano(なすのパルメジャーノ)となぜか大好きならっきょう。そのあと続きを見る。そして終わった後エビクリームソースのパスタ。セントラルパークに散歩もあったりで、いろいろです。そしてGod Father 2. この映画には休憩が組み込まれていて、その時に私の作ったピスタチオのジェラート、フルーツサラダ、イタリアンスイーツ。その後最後まで見て終わったのは夜11時。

We arrived around 1pm, started with Italian Apetizer: Cheese, Salami, Olive, grilled vegi and off course wine!!!
then watched God Father and we took an intermission, we had Egg Plant Parmegiano that SP made. It was so good!!!
then, continued to finish 1. then we had Pasta with Shrimp, start 2! then Intermission to have desert. I made Pistachio Gelato!!! forgot to take a picture... and a friend made a great fruit salad! then finished 2. between we took a walk to Central Park!!!


This is my first picture of 2017 sorry for sideway...

ニューヨークに来た年に、私はこの1と2を続けて見るということをしたので、その時のことを思い出した。この映画を見て(1です)大好きになったAl Pacino。彼の舞台があった時に英語はわからないのに、彼を見たさに数回足を運びました。今思い出すとそれはデイビッド・マメットの「アメリカンバッファロー」でした。

The Year I came to NY, I went to see God Father 1 and 2 continuously. it was crazy!! but i remember how much i love Al Pacino. and I went to see him at the theater. It was David Mamet's "American Buffalo" and I didn't even understand English well then but I enjoyed watching Al Pacino performed.

This is how 2017 started for me.....

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Summer to early September... 9月まで・・・

After Iceland was Amsterdam
June 30th, I had my solo cocnert RESONANCE short version at Cafe Belcampo

Senri Oe came to join me. After "Resonance", he played his half hour solo piano.
It was beautiful.
The Hartt School Dance Division dancers, Hannah and Isaac helped me.
They danced Imporovisations between my works, brough my plops too!!!

After Amsterdam, I got back to NY, then off to Seattle.


July: I worked with beautiful Julia Burrer on Martha's work "Lamentation"
at Chamber Dance Company, University of Washington
working with Julia and the director, Hannah Wiley was so nice!
She perfromed in October concert.

from L to R, Dominique See( who is Hannah's assistant), Julia and Hannah.

August: SF

I went to SF to work with Yuriko Doi and Jairo Heli Garcia on Mystical Abyss
This is Multi-media, cultural, music and performance. As you know I am a dancer, but in this work,
I had to dance, act and speak.

サンフランシスコに10日間行きました。今回は 土井由里子さんの作品。

So the first idea was join the cast in Denver in September, learn it and perform within few days...
I don't think so.
since I have to learn new choreography by Jairo, who choreographed for this new version
He is from Guadalajara, Mexico. He has a dance company, school and dance festival...
His background is Aztec/Tap/Contemporary/Hip Hop/Salsa/Club...
you name it, he put everything in it...


And I have to learn some steps that I have never done before...
I stepped my foot, felt like a three year old... it was very close to quit this job...
i gave myself few days... actually it took whole 10days ( i still coudl not do it)
Then I have to go to Japan, so I practiced in Japan too...

So this 10day trip was jsut to learn his choreography and some acting.
Yuriko-san was so very patient...
And some nice relax time( if i could relax not thinking about this new choreography...)

the last day in SF, Yuriko-san and Jock-san took me on their yacht!!!
This is a Yacht called "AMERICA" the first ever win the American Cup.
That is why it's called American Cup. We passed by!!!

And I met with my friend Lucia!
We went to Ailey School together!!! and now she is a PT!!! living in SF. So I asked to come along with me on SF sailing!!!



Written by John O'Keefe

Directed by Yuriko Doi

Choreography by Jairo Heli Garcia

Music Composed by Narumi Takizawa and Kenny Perkins

Animation by Taketo Kobayashi and Koya Takahashi

Lighting Design by Stephen Siegel, Adapted by Allie Khori

Costume Design by Risa Lenore Dye


Before Denver, I went to Japan


September: I went to Japan for 5 days.
Working with Megumi Namakura
on Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Dance Working Program
I taught Graham technique open classes and for actors

それはNDT ネザーランドダンスカンパニーにて踊っていた中村恩恵さんがディレクターでした。
and special workshop for professional dancers.
with Megumi, Yasuyuki Shuto, Ryo and Tamiyo Kusakari
It was very special. I have to write separate post on this!


Wakana Miyano and Mica Nozawa accompanied my classes.
I always love having live music for my classes.
Yes it is modern dance but it makes 100% difference!

Open classes was regular technique class. Class for Actor's School was very interesting.
I sometime teach at SITI Company I love teaching for actors!!!
So this time, I taught some Graham exercises and few parts from Marhta's work "Heretic"
It give them to think about how to use/decide space, communicate with others within three steps,
and focus to one place during excuting your task.
It is a very hard exercise but great for them!!!
This is from the last day of technique class!


Thank you all dancers and Megumi!

to be continued...

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November 11月

November  11月


Started out from my friend's wedding. I made her hair!
It was a beautful wedding, they made everything. Even dinner, desert and decorations and ... it was such a great one!
This is their bakyard. We gather and celebrated their togetherness.
It was a cold day but you have to show off your beautiful gawn too!

and the party... it wa s70/80 theme so they changed!
Band played and Michael Jackson's Thriller was a hit!!!
SP made it at the last minutes so here is bit surprise!!! He looked like someone that I know...

Fridays at Noon

11月7日は92nd Yという所にてFriday at Noon という会にて踊りました。ここはとても由緒ある所で、歴代のアメリカモダンダンスのパイオニア達も作品を発表している所です。私も今回アダムのソロ "Memory Current"と、未完成の作品を踊りました。

November 7 was Friday at Noon at 92nd Y. Nai-Ni Chen curated an Asian women's show
and she invited Korean Youn Pulume and me.
I danced Adam's "Memory Current" with Senri playing Piano.
I also presented work in progress with Andrea.

Kaatsbaan Gala

ABT の芸術監督、ケビンも、そしてマーティン,ウエンディーと沢山の良いダンサーが出ていました。
November 13 was Kaatsbaan International Dance Center's Gala performance.
The Hartt Schoolstudents volunteered. They got to meet
Martin Van Hamel, Kevin McKenzie and all performers on that evening!

Hee Seo, James, SP and dancers from the Hartt
The Hartt School Dance Division dancers with Wendy Whelan
Me and Wendy

The Hartt dancers, SP and I at the party!
with Martin and Kevin
After the Rain Wendy Whelan and Jared Angle :New York City Ballet
Nocturn me~~
Giselle Pas de deux Hee Seo and James Whiteside American Ballet Theatre
Matthew Dibble Dances Patrelle
Sarah Lane and Joseph Gorak American Ballet Theatre
Stella Abrera and Alexandre Hammoudi American Ballet Theatre
Maurizio Nardi Martha Graham Dance Company
Virginie Mécène and Kevin Predmore Buglisi Dance Theatre
Jody Sperling
Michele Wiles and Tiffany Mangulabnan BalletNext
Zvi Dance
were there too! ( Sorry I don't have their photoes)

all the photo of Kaatsabaan Gala ( dancing ones) are from Greg Cary

Not finished... but i will put it on anyway!

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I was busy and still busy this October... it is a great thing. I am not complain!!!

---October 11---
I have been working with Tanroh Ishida who became the artistic director of Theatre of Yugen.
Tanroh is an actor who studied both Eastern and Western acting.
Especially in Eastern acting of traditional Japanese Theatre.


After became the artistci director of Theatre of Yugen, this is his first production.
Tanroh and I exchanged our trainining background and created 14 mins work.
"Gen. Hagan and his Benjamin" which will be completed in May/June 2015.
This part one was a mixture of theater and dance. Of course my part was dancing.

I danced "Shirabyoushi" Shizuka Gozen - Yoshitsune's lover.

We rehearsed in New York for about two weeks, first week was mostly exchanging training workshop,
then started to choreographe. Tanroh gave me some idea and I digest it to make it my own.
It was very interesting process. SP helped us too!
We rehearsed in the studio at The Hartt School Dance Division.

Teaser for this Part 1


We had few open rehearsals, had our close friends came to advise us. That was great!

Then I went to San Francisco. We stayed in Sausalito, on the hill over looking ocean/bay.
We took ferry to SF and few days, it was very foggy...
Next day was still foggy...


I have to visit our friend PAUL CANALES at his restaurnat "DUENDE" in Oakland.
Yuriko Doi, founder of Theatre of Yugen and Tanroh and I visited his place.
Oh we ate!!!
サンフランシスコに行ったなら、絶対ポールの所へ!!!DUENDE という、このレストランはオークランドですが、バートという電車ですぐです。もの凄く美味しく、沢山食べ過ぎ。。。またもや。。。

There is a picture on FACEBOOK from performance at Yerba Buena Nights Festival.
SInce I was dancing, could not take pictures.... but

on the day that I was leaving, beautiful morning from Sausalito.
We had our breakfast out on the balcony!

over looking SF.

---October 15---
Back to NY, my dear friend Mucuy was staying with us at our apt.
She retired from dancing about 5 years ago but Lar Labovitch asked her to come back to dance his new work.
I said " You have to do it! If you don't, you will regret.
So she stayed with us!!!


I visited her run through rehearsal. And of courseI have to see the opening! So I went.
It was a great evening. I even went to Gala!!!
from L to R, Keiko, me, Maxine and Mucuy
from L to R: Chanel, Lar, Keiko, me( bottom), Reed with glasses and Mucuy on red

Lar Luvbovitch is a choreographer, his compnay had 40th anniversay last year at The Joyce Theater.
He is the first genenration from the Juilliard School who studies Ballet, Graham, Limon and choreography.
Like Pina Baush Lar was there!!! and I realy believed the way he mix his training to choreograph,
what we called "CONTEMPORARY DANCE" started with his generation. His work is beautiful.


This season at the Joyce, he presented two works.
"Artemis" and "Black Rose" both are story/theme ballet. His way of movement is so wonderful
that his company was one company that I wanted to dance.
I even took Summer Intensive at NYU Tisch school... but then, I got so much ito Graham..well it was good too.

At the Gala, sitting with my friend Mucuy
Maxine who is the stage manager( she stage manage my "RESONANCE" too and she has been stage managing about 50 years!
My fist professional dance job was with Elisa Monte at Jacob's Pillow and she was there too!!!
And Keiko, who is the costume superviser, and she helps me to make my costume sometimes!!!
So we were sitting togehter and had a really great time.


ガラのパーティーで一緒に座っていたマキシンはとても有名な舞台監督。彼女はティーンエージャーの時にJacob's Pillowにて舞台監督の勉強を始め、その後ニューヨークにあるダンスカンパニー、大小ほとんどのカンパニーの舞台監督をしている!!!私の、初めてのちゃんとしたプロフェッショナルの仕事はエリサ・モンテの所でしたが、その時に彼女に知り合い、5月の私の公演”RESONANCE"では彼女に舞台監督をやってもらいました。

--October 20--
I received The Bessies on 2010. and this year makes the Bessie's 30 year anniversary.
(the NY Dance and Performance Awards)

この賞は、映画界のアカデミー、ブロードウエイのトニー、音楽のグラミーのようなのですが、もちろん営利を目的とした映画、ブロードウエイと比べると可成り小さいですが、それでもダンスをやっている私達にすると大きな賞です。数年前からハーレムにあるThe Apollo Theaterアポロ劇場にてこの会が開かれます。
from back stage, this is what you see from the stage of Apollo

sorry I can not make side way...

I was one of presentor.
I presented Outstanding Performer: Linda Celestes-Sims from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
and Outstanding Production:DESH by Akram Kahn


I have never done this and that was fun!!!
Be on the prestageous Apollo Theatre stage, this is the place so many artist dance/sing and act. Amature Night and more...

Sumie-san and Senri-san came with me, their being made me confident!!!
this one too...
from L to R: Sumie, me, Wendy and Senri


There are many dancers and dance related people. I remember seeing their faces but could not remember names...
Sorry everybody...
It was very interesting to see so many people that I do not know.
I was talkind to Meagan Williams who used to dance at Mark Morris Dance Compay.
Since I spent many years in one company, and the company that I dance doesn't really cross path with other companies.
We know each other by names form papers or reviews.


Meagan danced Morris' "BIJOUX" and it was lovely seeing her dance!!!
and dance was cute with many small pieces with subjects.

I met Jessie Norman, Virginia Johnson, Annie B Parson, Wendy Whelan, Robert Battle, Lenny Pickett, John Jaspers...
I tried to remember who I said hello... it was hard..

--October 22--

Opening night for "On Your Toes", the production of The Hartt School - Dance, Music and Theater Division collaboration.
It was wonderful!!!


From L to R
Alan: Theater Division Director
SP: Dance Division Director
Ralph: Dance Directo at Theater Division and Faculty in Dance

Orchestra, tap dancing, Jazz dancing, acting and BALLET! all togehter in this production.
The lead "Russian Ballerina" was a second year dacne student.

from L to R: SP, Victoria and Ralph

I saw this musical in 1983 on Broadway with Natalia Makarova.
Oh well, she IS the Russain Ballerina and it was about Ballet Russe, and George Ballanchine choreographed orignal musical.

On this production, SP choreographed Ballet section, and Ralph Choregraphed Jazz/Tap section
and both of them choreographed together on mix section which was exciting!!!
Tap dancing and Ballet next each other, made me wanting to take Tap class again...

I took Tap classes when I was young.
I have a very small feet. So my Tap shoes was kids shoes with ribbons.
If I want to get a heel then it has to be a special order. I didn't have money to buy this kind of special order.
So I had my ribbon shoes. that actually discouraged me a bit... but I learn up to "Time Step".
Oh~~~ Well, I still love ot learn how to tap...

May be take Ralph's tap class.


--October 23--
Martha Graham Scholarship Luncheon
I was getting honored by Graham Center at this luncheon.
Graham II ( it used to be called Graham Ensemble when I was young) danced two works by Martha, and then Lunch.

Sorry again...
from L to R, Dr. Rose, Lee and me


I was introdcued by such a beautiful person who has so much knowledge and great eyes, Lee Traub.
She was the chairman of the board at the Graham Company when I joined the company.
She loves Martha and Martha loved her too!
Lee has such a great eyes. She loves dancing and so you know!

She has seen my entire career at the Graham.
As a chorus, a soloist and the principal. I did not retire from the company but I am not there much.


One of the board member, Judith Schlosse bought a table for me so I can invite people that I like to have at my table.
Many many people that I really want to have, but it was quite a last mins, a lot of them alreaday had engagement...
but i had few dear friends!
Maxine Glorsky, Mariko Sanjo, Mari Ono, Senri, Wu PIng and SP.

Maxine and Mariko re-met after so many years! When Mariko danced with Alvin Ailey, went to Jacob's Pillow,
they met. that was 1965!!!
Maxine is always encouragingg me to go forward
Mariko told me few tip, so i followed and called my parents every year to say " Please let me stay one more year" and I am still here!
When I was a student, I helped at the reception of "Music from Japan" that Mari and Mari's husband, Naoki Miura started.
Mari was also a dancer, at Lar Lubovitch!!!
I didn't see her dance since the year I came she already left... but i heard she was gorgeous.
Music from Japan had a reception and that is where I met David Chase.
David is the one told me about Peggy Lyman and Peter Spalring 's workshop at Kazuko's Sutdio.
So it was 1981, after my scholarship ended at the Ailey school,
i was going home for good but I decided to take this workshop. then I am still here...
Senri-san and I met few years ago. We were born in the year of RAT.
He is an established artist in Japan, and he did pretty much everything that he can do.
But he had a dream, to become a jazz musician so he left Japan for New York.
He went to school, learn jazz at New School and now he is establishing himself as a great artist in Jazz Pianist.
He accompanied me at my solo concert "RESONANCE" and he composed music for me.
We have a very special connection, not just being RAT's mate!!!
I really want to take my "RESONANCE" to many places.. I want people to see it.

Wu Ping is a Pianist.
Ping and I are same...we are in transition. try to break our barrier of classical training. so we need to do something together!!!
She is a very intereteing woman.


マキシンは前に書きましたが、マキシンと万里子先生は1965年にJacob's Pillowにてあっていて、さらにマキシンはその写真を持っている!!!すご〜〜い!

with me, Dr.Rose was getting honored by Graham Center too.
Dr. Rose is alway helping me and putting my body together, he even came to see my concert!!!
He is genuine!!
Congratulations to Dr. ROse!!!

Hew, this was a long one!!!

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Copenhagen  コペンハーゲン continues...and more

SP is having good time gardening
Dolly is watching SP work
I know cat does this but dog too!!
These are few of my favorite brooms from Denmark

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Fun stuff


日本に行く前のSILO という所での写真

ten ways to love



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