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HAMADRYAD by Jean Erdman

I sent out the announcement of Resonance III last time. Now I have the link for "Hamadryad". The work choreographed by Jean Erdman who recently passed away of age 104 years young. She created this dance when she and Joe were staying in their Catskills house and she was going to her studio thru woods. She heard this music coming from somewhere, and it inspired her to make this beautiful work. Nancy Allison, the artistic director of Jean Erdman Dance Company, asked me the first time to dance this work for American Dance Guild's performance long time ago. And she had this idea of mixing rehearsal studio and out door space as this nymph was wondering around the woods. I loved the idea and I am so glad that this film captured so many different aspect of this dance. We actually filmed in Catskills!!! It was bit cold though...

I am very happy that i worked with Jean when I was very young before I started with Martha's place. Jean was always so nice to come see me at the Graham seasons.

I will share my ignorance as a young dancer story.

Joe was always there at rehearsals or performances. One day after the performance with Jean's company, she had a party at her apartment in NYC. I have never been to her place and Jean and Joe lives there with so many books on the shelves.

I asked "Joe,what do you do? "

Joe replied " I write."

me "Wow that is why you have so many books!!!

-----and party goes on...

A while after, Joe passed away, I send Jean a flower and a card and talked her little. She was missing him very much.

I was already dancing with Martha, and at the rehearsal Martha said to all of us,

"Tonight, I am not rehearsing. Instead, I want you all to go home and watch PBSat 8pm". That time, Martha was creating works so we worked 8-10pm every weekday. So I went home. I had small B&W TV and I turned TV on, channel 13 (PBS) and guess who came into the TV screen.....


??? What is Joe doing in TV? and it was Bill Moyers show - Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth. I realized Joe is Joseph, Joseph is Joe??? And Joseph Campbell!!!

This is the person who George Lukas was inspired to make his epic movies - Star Wars!


of course Joe is not here with us anymore. And no wonder he had so many books... Joe/Joseph was a very important person for Martha too!!! He inspired so many artists.

I so wished that I knew when I asked him,

" What do you do?"... I am sure he was laughing inside...

Oh well.

Joe was inspired by Jean so much too. I hear they always had a breakfast together, talked about what their thought night before, Joe used to write in the evening.

I told Jean that I have some idea for dance work about 20 years ago, I still remember that day in her Hawaii apt, sitting and looking over the water. She told me to keep working on it. I still remember what was the idea, so someday i will make this dance...

SO Please watch this beautiful dance work!!!


A dancer, or perhaps a wood nymph, rehearses alone in a New York studio enchanting herself back into the forest.

Conceived, produced and directed by Nancy Allison and Paul Allman

Choreography Jean Erdman

Staged by Nancy Allison

Danced by Miki Orihara

Cinematography by Glen Mordechi

Edited by Paul Allman

Music by Claude Debussy, performed by Elizabeth Brown

Costumes by Karen Young Costume Design, Olivia Fuks, Miki Orihara and Nancy Allison













Stay safe & Stay well!!!



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In New York, with lock down, I didn't realised how fragile NY was. All theatre closed, and we all lost our jobs. Yet I was amazed with how US Government open up Unemployment to Freelancers!!! Until now, freelancer who doesn't get W-2's could not get Unemployment but this time, they open up!!! Many of my friends, most of them are in arts + Performing arts are receiving this.
I am looking at what is happening in Japan, without government support, yet government suggest close off - good decision but no support???
I heard about 3 masks per family, that changed to each of them ( I am not against it but have some opinion on it) and now stimulus money but you have to apply using smart phone? if you don't have it, can you not get it??? I don't know what is happening there...

SO I wanted to help my friends in theatre in Japan. I can do this to help them!!!
Please sign this petition! Even you are NOT Japanese, your signature is helping it. And you have never know that you might go to Japan on day to be a part of Theatre there!!!






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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother\'s Day!_b0069951_07053512.png


Happy Mother\'s Day!_b0069951_07100904.png

click to see About Resonance III

A year ago today I premiered Resonance III at LPAC

With this Pandemic lock down, it is hard to believe it was only a year ago today. I had a great time with this Resonance III.

I appreciated so much that Steven Hitt and LaGuardia Performing Arts Centerpresented this wonderful program of American and Japanese Mothers of modern dance works along side with my mentor Yuriko's work. Yuriko is 100 !!! She is a strong lady, Stephen and I talked to her this afternoon and wish a Happy Mother's Day! and tomorrow is Martha's Birthday!

Happy All Mother's Day!!!

1年前の今日、ソロ公演の第3弾、RESONANCE IIIをラガーディアパフォーミングアーツセンターにて発表させていただきました。1年前とは思えないほど、長く感じ、そして今の状況から考えると夢のような時だったと思います。


Tomoko Mikanagi, a talented videographer, has been filming my solo concerts in 2014, 2017 and this time. This time, she made a very beautiful film to introduce Resonance III. What she captured in here is so incredible that I want you all to watch before you watch the concert.


I am extremely happy about this. My teachers from US, Japan are coming all together for me. Japan Foundation's Tour Grant made possible for me to have Nanako Yamada (my immediate dance teacher from my youth) and Yasuko Kataoka (THE scholar of Dance History in Japan) to come to US from Tokyo, presented workshops and lectures on the subject:

A DIALOGUE BETWEEN AMERICAN AND JAPANESE MODERN DANCE. Resonance III travelled New York, Hartford(CT), San Fransicso(CA) and Vancouver(Canada). I am grateful that Jacob's Pillow's Norton Owen joined us for lectures in East Coast!


I am very thankful for Janet Eilber ( Artists Director of Martha Graham Dance Company) for permission, and LPAC to help stream my concert. I hope watching this makes interests on our "not too old" Dance History and to know we inherited this beautiful treasure!!!


I thank other support from All Nippon Airways, Hiroshi Masuyama – MAM Foundation, The Hartt School (University of Hartford), The Barnard College, RIOULT Dance Center, Theatre of Yugen, Vancouver Civic Theatres and Dezza Dance.

Happy Mother\'s Day!_b0069951_07081852.png

RESONANCE III (click title to watch)

Works of American and Japanese Modern Dance Pioneers

Nora Izumi Bartosik, Piano

Miki Orihara, Dance

SEIKO TAKATA 1895-1977

MOTHER (1938) US Premier



KONAMI ISHII 1905-1978

Moon Desert (Early 1930’s) US Premier

This is Teen-ager Yuriko when she lived in Japan, danced Konami Ishii's MOON DESERT
Happy Mother\'s Day!_b0069951_07120949.jpeg



YURIKO 1920-

THE CRY(1963)

Please visit RESONANCE III site for detailed credit.

Venues we visited: In order of performance/workshop/lecture

The Hartt School Dance Division, University of Hartford, Barnard College, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, RIOULT Dance Center, Theatre of Yugen(SF,CA) and Vancouver Civiv Thatres(Canada) with DEZZA DANCE

Cover photo designed by Nobue Hirabayashi-Mt.DESIGN

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Happy Holidays! 2019 / 2020

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  2019 / 2020_b0069951_06142430.png

2019 was amazing year for me. Started out very busy with my third solo concert series, RESONANCE III.

I am so grateful for LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Steven Hitt and Japan Foundation for supporting

my idea of bringing American and Japanese modern dance pioneers together,

and possible to invite my childhood dance teacher Nanako Yamada and Yasuko Kataoka( the scholar )

from Japan was my dream come true.

Researching and finding out what those pioneers did and learning Dalcroze's 20 gestures were wonderful

experience and working with Japanese American Pianist Nora Izumi Bartosik gave such a beautiful merging

experience for my performances. We travelled San Fransisco and Vancouver, Canada together and

we had a great responses!!!

NuVu Festival

We had a great artists for our second festival this year.

I sent earlier about our accomplishment and please look for our announcement for the third one.

Coming soon!!!

José Limón Dance Company

Stephen and I guested at their Joyce Theater season, danced company's artistic director Colin Connor's work

"The Weather in the Room", we had a great time dancing together. It's been a long time!!!

And we will join them for their Jacob's Pillow Festival Season in July 2020!

Then Summer, I went to Berlin, Germany to join DANCE ON PROJECT.

Danced Merce Cunningham's work " STORY" ( originally 1963 and this time is called "BERLIN STORY").

Happy Holidays!  2019 / 2020_b0069951_06135775.png

I had a great time learning Merce's technique and work. I studied at his studio a little when I was young and

now I see so much similarity and difference in his technique. Interesting to experience how he took Graham

technique and Ballet technique to make his own. It was a greatest experience!!! I will be joining them Fall 2020!

So Stay Tuned!!!


I had a pleasure setting Martha's "Chronicle" on the Hartt School Dance Division. I was amazed how these

young dancers danced so beautifully and strongly! They danced Bournonville's Napoli on point! and barefoot

Chronicle too! wow... some audience comments described so beautifully so please check here!

I think I did a lot...

and 2020!

Beside my regular teaching at the Hartt School and Graham School, I will be working on:

April 16 & 17: NuVu Festival #3 @ LPAC

April 24-26: Hartt Dance Spring

May/June: Filming for "Woman in a Cabinet" directed by Craig Webster

June: filming Martha Graham Dance Technique Level 2 -DVD

August: Invited to teach at the Perpetuum Mobile

(Dance Festival in Brussels)

Fall: Dance On Project

And more...I am excited about something but not concrete yet so I will let you all know!!!

I should not push too much but I am so excited about all of them!!!

2020 is a Golden Rat year. I am not sure what it is but I think it is a great year for all of us!!!

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NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce

Thank you for supporting NuVu Festival,Resonance III and
Limon Dance Company season at the Joyce Theatre.

was a huge success. I had 6 duets and 1 group work, including
Paul Taylor’s “Duet from LENTO” which was revived recently for
Taylor 2 dancers Rei Akazawa and Irving Amigon.
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05080527.jpg

Rei Akazawa and Irving Amigon dancing P.Taylor's "Duet from LENTO"
©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

Please visit NuVu Festival to see all other artists and their works.
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05104332.jpg

NuVu Festival 2019 Participants and my team ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

They are wonderful artists that I have been watching their works over many years. For NuVu Festival 2020, I am starting to look different artists. If you have any artists who you think I should contact, let me know!

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05340957.png

Graphic design by Nobue Hirabayashi

it was my dream come true.

Bringing American and Japanese modern dance pioneers works
together with Yuriko’s work was amazing experience.
Four works from 1930’s were very interesting to explore,
style of each artists were very different,
but how to approach these dances
- how i was coached by artists who danced -
were all from the same place
"Inner self"

Sometimes you forget this because you are busy thinking about
how to achieve the movements or positions, how to dance.
Each time I was reminded --- “Don’t dance”.
REVIEW by Christine Jowers - Dance Enthusiasts
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05125359.jpg
Nora playing for Resonance III ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

I had great time with an American Japanese pianist
Nora Izumi Bartosik for this journey!!! Thank you!

My immediate dance teacher from my youth, Nanako Yamada
who came to share her knowledge of
Dalcroze 20 Gestures were amazing to learn.
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_11194843.png
Nanako Yamada teaching Dalclroze 20 gestures

I think I now know the gestures so I could explore with it.
Participants expressed they had a great time leaning it and leaning
a part of Seiko Takata’s “Mother”(1938).
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05162911.jpg
Yasuko Kataoka's short talk about Seiko Takata and Konami Ishii ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

Lectures from Yasuko Kataoka(the dance scholar/professor from Japan) and Norton Owen (Jacob’s Pillow - director of preservation) were great
to know what was happening in America and Japan during 1920-1950.

Q&A after the performance, L to R - Miki, Steven Hitt( LPAC)
Norton Owen(Jacob's Pillow) Yasuko Kataoka and Julien Frei(Translator) ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

They showed very rare films and pictures so that we can see and
compare two countries. I learn a lot and would like to learn more
about it. Our dance history is a new history that if we don’t do
anything, it will go under the grave so even just a small area,
our generation need to share to younger generation.

This concert was inspired by my mentor Yuriko.
Going thru her passage, and danced her work was hard but satisfying.
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05153664.jpg
"The Cry"( 1963) by Yuriko ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

“The Cry” - she made this work to experience the universal idea of the cry.
As she told me, every time I danced, I let the cry to take over. I had great experience.

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05112792.jpg
Yuki Nakase ( Lighting designer) ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05124132.jpg
Maxine Glorsky (Production Stage Manager) ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05130640.jpg
"Mother" (1938) by Seiko Takata ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05185308.jpg
"Two Ecstatic Themes" (1931) by Doris Humphrey ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05191090.jpg
"Moon Desert"(early 1930's) by Konami Ishii ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05145376.jpg
"Lamentation" (1930) by Martha Graham ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05221944.jpg
Mr. Matsumoto ( the Japan Foundation), Miki , Nanako Yamada and Julien Frei ( translator but he is also a dancer!)

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05223825.jpg
The dancers from Graham School and Stephen Pier
(Yejin, Nikki, Aoi, Yui, Tanguy and Ty- former Hartt School from Graham 2)
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05231979.jpg
Bin Bin Factory( Satoshi Haga and Rie Fukuzawa), Yasuko Kataoka, Nanako Yamada, Mr. Matsumoto and miki ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05232997.jpg
Yuki Nakase, Yasuko Kataoka, Sumie Yonei(Front L), Nanako Yamada, Jacqui Dugal, Erico Platt,
Minako Ando, dancers from Nanako's studio and miki ©︎Tokio Kuniyoshi

I took this production to
Theatre of YUGEN in San Francisco, CA and Vancouver,Canada.

Theatre of YUGENhosted our production- a master class and RESONANCE III with short lecture.
Desirée Dumber, the founder/choreographer/dancer of DEZZA DANCE invited RESONANCE III
to be performing with her production Deep Roots. Nora and I had a great time performing at
Annex Theater with her company.

We were welcomed by her Collaborative Creative Dance 55+ Group and gave a workshop.
To watch our workshop and rehearsal video, please visit DEZZA DANCE and RESONANCE III

dancing with my husband Stephen Pier was so nice. We didn’t dance for a long time
and it was great going back to the Joyce Theater with him, especially with Limón Dance Company,
Stephen was a soloist before he left for Hamburg Ballet( Germany) and
Royal Danish Ballet( Copenhagen,Denmark). We danced with Buglisi/Foreman Dance
(now Buglisi Dance Theatre) was the last time we danced together at the Joyce
when he was teaching at the Juilliard School until he became
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_05241492.jpg
Colin Conner's "The Weather in the Room"
Miki and Stephen ©︎Christopher Jones

We were so happy that were captured by Christopher Jones and Tokio Kuniyoshi

I would love to take RESONANCE III to Japan and other places, I would like to make indigo or Kickstarter
to raise some funds sometime soon. Also we are still open to receive
some tax deductible donation through LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.

Tax deductible contribution made out to

"FH LaGuardia Community College AUX Corporation”, (memo: Miki Orihara) will be gratefully accepted.

For address - please contact


RESONANCE - kyomei.info(at)gmail.com

NuVu Festival - nuvufest(at)gmail.com

Thank you very much for reading and your support!!!

The Japan Foundation Tour Grant 2018/2019 and
LaGuardia Performing Arts Center made possible for us to take
this production to The Hartt School, Barnard College,
RIOULT Dance Center, Theatre of Eugene(SF, CA) and
Vancouver, Canada( Annex Theater with DEZZA DANCE).
NuVu Festival - RESONANCE III - Limón Dance Company at the Joyce_b0069951_06110969.png

I would love to make two more stops ( Madison, WI and Tivoli, NY)
before this grant expires… I am working on it!

Stay tuned!!!

by miki3lotus | 2019-06-06 06:33 | Performing Art


I have been performing my solo concert series since 2014.
And Iam very happy to present my first production of 共鳴ーResonance (premiered 2014)
at Warwick Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday 16 February 2019.
It is about 2 hours away from NYC. If you live near, or you can take a bus from Port Authority!!!


In 2014, I first started this solo concert series. I have the idea of 5 concerts to full fill my plan.

In 2013, my mentor Yuriko, received the Foreign Minister's Commendation from the Japanese
government, recognized for her outstanding achievements in the field of dance and for her
contribution to relations between Japan and the United States.
Through dance she promotes culture exchanges and inspires collaborations between
different American dance companies, cultural institutions, and government agencies.

Yuriko was born in San Jose, California.
Her father passed away with the break of flu. Her mother sent her to Japan to avoid her catching
this flu. During her time in Japan, she studied with one of the Japanese's pioneer of modern dance,
Konami Ishii. With Konami, she learn and danced "Dance Poem".

Came back to US after Yuriko finished her school in Japan, then WWII started. She was sent to the internment camp in Arizona. She started to teach dance to women and children in the camp,
and formed a company to perform. This company was the only people allowed to go out side
from the camp to perform!

After WWII, Yuriko decided to come to NY. She was working as a seamstress to make living.
Then she went to Martha Graham studio to take class - there are many interesting story
but I am making it very short. After a short while, she was invited to join the company.
Martha creates her works by using her dancers. Yuriko was very influential to Martha.
There are many works that she created movements which I learn during my time
in Graham company.

I met Yuriko in 1981.
My nick name was "Graham cracker" at the Ailey school.
After finishing my scholarship from the school, I could not get another year because
President changed and government change the regulation for international students changed -
No scholarships to international students!
So I was going back to Japan. During my scholarship year, I didn't see much performances,
since I was taking 4-5 classes everyday, i was so tired... So I decided to stay few more months
before I head back to Japan. I took classes, went to see everything possible
- musicals, theatre, dance, and music.

The last thing I was going to do before I leave, was taking Peggy Lyman and Peter Sparling's
workshop at Kazuko Hirabayashi Studio. There was an audition to get in, they only take
15 dancers to this class. Somehow I passed!!! And I learn so much in this workshop.
Peggy said to us in the end of this workshop, "there will be an audition - Graham company and
school, you all should go and try". So I went too!!! At the door, there was a receptionist,
he looked at me and said "do you have a green card? are you an American?" I didn't even know
what was "green card" so i said "no i don't have, and I am Japanese" then he told me,
" you can not take this audition".
I was shocked... oh well... one thing that I thought America is very open
but not really... it is very limited...
That moment Peggy came down from upstairs, saw me and asked why I am not changed. I told her, and she said to the receptionist " She is ok to take this audition" and said to me " go change!"
So I did. Changed and took this audition.
After the audition, I was told, since I am not an American, they are not able to take me as a scholarship student but if I am interested to come to the school. Then I thought,

I have to call my parents. Collect call to let them know I will stay another year.
My mother was very cool but my father was " I thought you are coming back...". He was very
disappointed by my demand... But he was happy that I wanted to stay to study little more
- - - -well this little more became over ALMOST 40 years now...

So I went to the Graham school.
316 East 63rd Street Studio.

I was told to take Yuriko's class. But she was not teaching regular classes but only for 1 or 2
weeks workshop. Then her workshop happened. The second day, she looked at me said
"are you Japanese?" and I said "yes". Then she started to talk to me in Japanese!!!
Then all students became so nice even though those who stepped on me, or elbowed me!!!
They were wondering what she is saying to me. I was just taking everything possible and it was
so much fun. I had a greatest time learning so much.

Then Yuriko became my NY mother, and her family became my NY family.
Her husband Charlie always asked me what I am doing, when I have some questions he
helped me to think differently and he wrote so many letters to my parents to allow me to
study one more year, and that kept on going... for few years... Her daughter Susan is like
my cousin. We became parters for our DVD project to create Martha Graham Dance technique
video, we released the first level in 2018, and now working on the next level.
To be continued...

by miki3lotus | 2019-02-14 14:10 | Performing Art

March 4th, 3:30pm at Sheen Center

My friend, Masayo Ishigure is celebrating her 25th anniversary at Sheen Center on March 4th.
I will be dancing one of the Koto work. I asked Stephen to choreograph this work on me.

March 4th, 3:30pm at Sheen Center_b0069951_03124692.jpg
March 4th, 3:30pm at Sheen Center_b0069951_03045125.jpg

by miki3lotus | 2018-02-08 03:13 | Performing Art

Tow projects 二つのプロジェクト

            Two different projects are happening at the same time.
 One is filming "Two Women"( title subject to change...) and the other "Kyomei-RESONANCE" in SF.
もう一つは踊りをフィルムにする「Two Women」

  Right now I am in SF.
just finished my solo concert "Kyomi-RESONANCE" with Senri Oe at Theatre of Yugen,
we performed 4 performance. Had a wonderful time with audiences.
Senri played very different each day,since it is very different space compare to
what we did last year at La MaMa etc in NYC.

The other project, actually happened before SF, is filming "Two Women".
I am pretty certain that I like this title.
This film project is commissioned by CORDA Foudation.
David Rosenman-Taub is a Chilian poet and composer.
I was commissioned by using his beautiful piano work, "Homage a Pedro Humberto Allende".


When I first heard this music, immediately i had an image of two women.
so I asked Andrea Murrilo who danced with me at Graham, and then moved on to Sleep No More.
She has very interesting experiences that i wanted to ask her to work with me.

「Two Women」はチリ出身の詩人であり、作曲家であるデイビッド・ローズマン ターブの作品を使うということでコミッションをいただきました。彼の作品では前にSPが二つ作品を出しております。
YouTube に行くと見ることができます。

this is one of the location where we filmed.

Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02411220.jpg

yes it is Brooklyn!
Since during last year for my first solo concert Kyomei-RESONANCE ,
Tomoko Mikanagi who came from Japan to film my concert and my documentary,
I really liked her work.
She has a sensitive view and her point of view is so beautiful. So I asked her to involve with this project!
Yes she lives in Japan...but she was so nice to say yes!

Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02554050.jpg

We started to film different places.

Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02585306.jpg
This is at Barnard College, they were so nice to help us!!!
Look at how Tomoko is filming!!!
and it was beginning of May so it was GREEN!!! I love it.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02585506.jpg
This is how we were filming. background NYC is beautiful..
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03502510.jpg
it changed every minutes of it..
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03502654.png
day on the roof in Hell's Kitchen. We had a little break...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03502911.jpg
Sunset over NJ. Now we have that tall building,
we can't see sun goes down but still it is quite nice view...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03503072.jpg
Time between, i have to go to our garden.

Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03503168.jpg
We also filmed at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center.
They are always so nice and helpful!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03502629.jpg
we found really nice places to film this.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03502842.jpg
Thank you Greg, Bentley, Prudence, Peter, and Ash!!!

This is Tomoko's notes
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02585738.jpg

Then back in NYC, Steven Hitt, the director of LaGuardia Performing Art Center invited me to attend Rioult Dance's New production of Edith Piaf's life.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03503241.jpg
My favorite person, Lee!
It is always nice to see her!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03503309.jpg
I forgot her name but her Piaf was so perfect!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_03503472.jpg
San Francisco!
Visted Japan Town on the day of arrival. Here I am!
i saw my post cards!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023160.jpg
On the way to Airport to pick Senri up... we saw RAINBOW!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023241.jpg
Next morning, the beautiful sun rise!
Simply my computer didn't change time...
so i thought 8 o'clock was quite dark in SF and went outside and here it is!! it was 5am in SF...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023316.jpg
At the concert, Lucia brought her son with her. Time passes so fast but somehow it was just like yesterday... Lucia and I, didn't see each other for 34 years!!! we studied together at Ailey school!
She is a beautiful woman! and her son is gorgeous!

Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023470.jpg
And Koch family! Hilmar and Naoko and their beautiful Yuki!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04211439.jpg
May 19th was our last show. After it, Senri had his session at Yugen. We ask Mariko-san's Aedan Fermented Foods to serve some food for reception/before music. and she brought her team!!!
It was amazing!!! Her products, you can find many places in SF.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023635.jpg
And Senri played beautiful. There were few tears on audience's cheeks...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023551.jpg
We stayed at Yuriko(founder of Yugen) and Jock's place in Sausalito.
Jock is volunteering to make this tall ship!
they get trees, make wood boards, and make this boat!
I simply loved this curve!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02585901.jpg

SF International Art Festival
just opened rite after our show at Fort Mason. Beautiful piers on the bay...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02590016.jpg
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023913.jpg
one of the many venues... this is where we were suppose to play The Genji State.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04042774.jpg
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04024040.jpg
I met Robert Kikuchi. When i met him, immediately i thought he looks like Charlie Kikuchi, my mentor Yuriko's husband. I was introduced and he mentioned " my aunt is a dancer..." of course Robert is Charlier's nephew!!! wow small world.
Robert and his wife has theater company in SF. I will find out the name !!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04042823.jpg
And Mariko-san and I, finally got together to attend one of the play.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043020.jpg
and this is her product that I found at supermarket in SF when I visited Naoko's family. supermarket's name is Birite. Gourmet supermarket.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02590971.jpg
I passed by SF Ballet building near Symphony.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023886.jpg
Also attended school showcase. Thank you Jim French for organizing my ticket!
Jim lit some of the works on the program. He recently( few years ago) moved to SF from NY. He used work for MGDC, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, and he lit Rioult' Piaf!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04023790.jpg
the other dance place, ODC
i saw RAWdance rehearsal. I will get more detail on their show. Duet works.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04042915.jpg
I met Shinji Eshima who is a quite famous base player. and this is his base.
i will need to explain about this base.
so i will write soon!!! but what I am holding is a quite remarkable base!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043195.jpg
In the same building of Theatre of Yugen,
here is Z space where LINES BALLET's training program's performance was taking place.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043119.jpg
They danced 6 works.
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043208.jpg
Fanny is graduating!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043577.jpg
And here I visited Naoko and her family!
Hilmar made a great Ginger/rum drink!! it was really good!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04043635.jpg
Here Hilmar is a mean chef!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04052967.jpg
We walked up to Twin Peaks but it was quite foggy...
and windy...
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02590697.jpg
going up hill... beautiful site of SF
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02590465.jpg
Castelo street is painted as rainbow cross street
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_02590850.jpg

and as of my project, i saw this!!!
Tow projects    二つのプロジェクト_b0069951_04053078.jpg
SF Opera is premiering "TWO WOMEN" I so wished to see it but not yet premiered yet... next week!!! so I will miss it but I will research bit more about it!

and my SF trip is going to over very soon!
Phew this was a long one...

by miki3lotus | 2015-05-29 03:48 | Performing Art

共鳴ーRESONANCE in SF @ Theatre of Yugen, NOH space.

again, it was a long intermission...

共鳴ーRESONANCE in SF @ Theatre of Yugen, NOH space._b0069951_01162368.jpg

It's been exactly a year ago, my first solo concert "Kyomei-RESONANCE" was at La MaMa Theater was premiered. Since I don't have a manager, it is moving slowly but surely. This is the first tour of my program!!!
at Theatre of Yugen, NOH space for 4 days. we opened it last night!
共鳴ーRESONANCE in SF @ Theatre of Yugen, NOH space._b0069951_01170316.jpg

Senri Oe and I
I dance Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Martha Clarke, my own and young choreographer, Adam Barruch's works. Here is a pciture from Adam's "Memory Current" and Senri playing at La MaMa.
共鳴ーRESONANCE in SF @ Theatre of Yugen, NOH space._b0069951_01171137.jpg


This is a wonderful prgoram of modern/contemporary dance. I wish everyone to see, since it shows the bit of history of dance.
We opened last night and three more shows in Sanfrancisco!

and on Tuesday after the concert, Senri will play his Solo Piano. It's a free event,

by miki3lotus | 2015-05-18 01:31 | Performing Art

mishmash*Miki Orihara

mishmash*Miki Orihara

I am involved with this project "mishmash*Miki Orihara".
Our first thing was make these two music/dance films.
It is in Japanese but scroll down a bit, so you can watch those two films.
It is wonderuflly made by talented young Japanese team called augment5. They made a short film to
introduce me, "Japanese Dancer, Miki Orihara". The Director Tomoko Mikanagi, Producer Hidetaka Ino were
here in NY, and came to see and filmed my rehearsals, perfomrances, my regular day activities.

一番始めにやったのはこのMusic/Dance Filmを制作。

mishmash*Miki Orihara_b0069951_02441093.jpg
These are some interviews but it is in Japanese...
1 & 2... there are many interesting pictures in it!!! Take a look!

mishmash*Miki Orihara インタビュー記事1そしてインタビュー記事2

Adam choreographed both film and also performed in it too( Reach Out)
we filmed this in December 2013 in Japan and IT WAS COLD! Adam and Chelsea were great. No Complains... I was really surprised... because I was freezing...

by miki3lotus | 2014-08-16 03:15 | Performing Art